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Summer Classes 2019

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Massage Events 2019

May 24 Happy Dog USDAA trial Moorpark

May 31 SWAT USDAA trial Albuquerque

June 21 FIDOS USDAA trail Pinetop, AZ

June 27 USDAA Regional Norco, CA

July 25-28, EO, The Netherlands

Aug 9 UKI West Coast Cup Prunedale, CA

Sept 5 Bay Team Regional Prunedale, CA

Seminars 2019

Oct 11-13 Las Vegas, NV

Canine Massage


I am a certified canine massage therapist specializing in trigger point therapy for the canine athlete.  My clients compete locally, nationally and internationally in agility, flyball, dock diving, herding and rally.

Dog Agility


My students range from the local weekend warrior to the national competitor vying for a spot on the podium.  I believe in creating a thinking dog that loves the sport and helping the handler build a great relationship with their canine partner.