Monica Bush MS CVT CCMT

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Education & Certifications

Certified Canine Massage Therapist Rocky Mountain School of Animal Accupressure & Massage

Certified Veterinary Technician State of Arizona

MS Biology/Immunology Northern Arizona University

BS Wildlife & Fisheries Science Texas A&M University 

Animal Trainer


I have been training animals for more than 40 years. It all started with training my Mother's chihuahuas at the age of five. Horses were a big part of my life growing up and my first taste of competition. I competed in youth rodeo from the age of 9-19 and then competed on hunter jumpers while in college.  After college, I was a zookeeper at Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City where I worked with small mammals, birds, zebras, hippos and giraffes before becoming a full time cat keeper. Hogel Zoo is where I discovered operant conditioning and I haven't looked back as an animal trainer.  I believe in creating a thinking animal when training.

Dog Agility Competitor


I started competing in agility in 1999 with my field Labrador retriever.  I have trained and competed with two labs and three border collies.  I do not subscribe to a single handling system.  Instead, I pull from  18 years of experience and from the many great handlers I have trained with over the years. I become more addicted to the sport the more scientific it becomes!

Canine Massage Therapist


I am a certified veterinary technician and a certified canine massage therapist with a masters in immunology.  Before becoming a canine massage therapist, I was a surgical research technician for a cardiovascular medical device company, an orthopedic surgical veterinary technician and a developmental biology research associate.


Dog Agility Accomplishments

Mars Attacks! (Border Collie)

  • 2018 Western Regional Steeplechase 4th place finalist
  • 2019 UKI Utah Classic Pentathlon Champion  

Squid Vicious (Border Collie)

  • 2016 #1 PMC Jumpers Dog
  • 2016 PSJ Finalist 2nd Place 
  • 2016 Rocky Mtn Regional PSJ Champion 
  • 2015 PIDC Western Regional 30 Weave Pole Challenge 3rd Place 

Grit (Border Collie)

  • 2014 PSJ Finalist 3rd Place
  • 2014 Biathlon Finalist 4th Place
  • 2014 DAM Team Finalist 
  • 2014 Rocky Mtn Regional Steeplechase Champion 
  • 2013 PSJ Finalist 5th Place
  • 2013 PIDC Finalist
  • 2013 PIDC Wester Regional 2nd Place
  • 2011 PSJ Finalist
  • 2010 GP Finalist
  • 2009 Steeplechase Finalist

Buca (Field Labrador Retriever)

  • 2006 PGP Quarterfinals 1st Place
  • 2004 Top Seed PGP Finalist