My Dogs

Squid Vicious


Squid is my seasoned competition dog at 9 years old.  I love everything about Squid!  She is fast, driven and gives 200% in everything she does! My heart dog.

Mars Attacks!


Mars is Squid's full sister, but 3 years younger.  Mars is sweet, driven and loves to work.  She is faster and quicker than Squid on the agility field.  

Flux Newton


Flux is a cousin to Squid and Mars and Grit's niece.  She is proving to be full of personality!  I have high hopes for this little girl!

Gone but not forgotten



Grit was my first Border Collie and the aunt to Squid and Mars.  She took me to the Cynosport Finals in Grand Prix and Steeplechase year after year.  Grit and I traveled the US competing for a decade.  She was a steady eddy on the agility and a sweet heart to everyone she met.



Ebbie was my second agility lab and came from the best field lines at the time.  She was very fast and very bendy and did well competing her first two years.  After that, she retired from agility due to the stressful environment of trials.  She came out to try every few years, but spent most of life doing what she loved; hiking and dock diving.



Buca was my first agility dog.  She came from intense field lines and was a difficult dog to live with.  Her energy level was beyond high!  She is the reason I found agility.  It was clear hiking and obedience were not enough for such a brilliant and active dog.  Buca was fast and furious on the agility field.  She earned a spot in the USDAA Grand Prix Finals in 2004 and won the quarterfinals in 2006.